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Valorie Dawes returns to hunt down a serial killer in another blockbuster thriller!

While jogging off-duty along the riverfront, Val discovers the dead body of a young girl—and ignites a manhunt for a serial killer.

Rookie policewoman Valorie Dawes discovers the body of a teen girl floating in the Torrington River while on an evening downtown run.

Based on her follow-up research, the Clayton, CT police department links the girls’ murder to at least four others in the past year—all drowned. All barefoot. All bearing the same strange, fresh tattoo.

Val wrangles a coveted spot on a high-profile task force dedicated to finding the killer, nicknamed by a muckraking blogger as the “Shoeless Schoolgirl Slayer.”

But the killer is clever and elusive, and somehow has gained inside knowledge of the task force’s tactics and plans. Moreover, his targets, methods, and timing are shifting in unpredictable ways, putting those close to Val—and perhaps Val herself—in mortal danger.

How can Val stop the Shoeless Slayer before he strikes down another innocent victim?

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What early reviewers are saying about A Better Part of Valor:

“A Better Part of Valor brings our epic hero Val back for more justice in another thrilling adventure. Val’s a strong, empathetic, intelligent and empowered female rookie officer, fitting for today’s times. Gary Corbin’s witty and fast paced story is a must-read that will keep you hooked at every turn. If you love shows like The Rookie, 19-2 and Rookie Blue, then you will love this book!”

Briar’s Reviews

“Exploring the gritty intersection between precinct politics and life on the streets, Better Part of Valor is a powder keg of intrigue ready to explode. Valerie Dawes’ sharp mind and dogged persistence make her the ideal hero to root out the moral depravity at the city’s core. An exciting read that leaves me wondering what’s next.”

– Erick Mertz, author of The Strange Air series of paranormal mysteries