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Over the years, Gary has documented research and developed analytical tools that many clients have found useful. Rather than hide those tools on a dusty shelf or on an unused corner of a hard drive, he wants these tools to work for you, too.

Hopefully you will find these tools useful and interesting. To find out, just browse through these files and sample our wares. Many of these tools are available to you for free—just click and download. If you know of someone else who could benefit from these tools, please let them know.

Naturally, he’d love it if these free samples led you to purchase some of our more in-depth analyses and products or hired us to provide our services for you. But even if you don’t, please take advantage of these free items today, and be sure to return frequently to see what else we’ve added. He’s always working on new things—and loves to share them.

“Sell Your Work, Not Your Soul” – Business Planning for Writers

Download this PowerPoint Presentation on Business Planning for Writers and other creative entrepreneurs. This presentation explains why and how to create a business plan—including key marketing tips and resources. Heavy emphasis on marketing subject matter expertise as a value-added component of your writing. You’ll want to download the business planning worksheets also.

A Structured Approach to Work Process Improvement

This structured approach to Work Process Improvement puts heavy emphasis on documentation and stakeholder involvement.You’ll also want to download the matrices supporting structured work process improvement, with a focus on identifying key processes and sub-processes to improve.

Self-Editing Tips for self-publishers

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a good story with strong characters and an interesting story arc.
  • You write in an active voice as much as possible.
  • You do not have serious problems with grammar, spelling, syntax, sentence and paragraph construction, and noun/verb agreement.
  • You SHOW rather than TELL.
  • You avoid clichés and find fresh ways to tell your story.Write Better Right Now - A Dozen Mistakes Good Writers Make, and How to Fix Them, by Gary Corbin

In short, you write well, but…

  • Your manuscripts aren’t being snapped up by agents and editors.
  • Your self-published book with its fascinating characters and twisted plot isn’t selling.
  • Reviewers, agents, and publishers say things like, “Nice idea, but it’s not a project I can bring to the market at this time.”

Maybe it’s time to liven up your writing.

And – here’s the good news – you can do it yourself, with the right tools.

Buy Gary’s new book, Write Better Right Now: A Dozen Mistakes Good Writers Make-And How to Fix Them, to help get your book off the slush pile and into readers’ loving hands. Available exclusively in Kindle format  on Amazon.com and the Kindle store. (Okay, it’s not free, but it’s very reasonably priced at $2.99.)