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An international kidnapping ring took her friend’s daughter. Now they know Val is helping her–and they’ll stop at nothing to eliminate her as a threat.


In Search of Valor by Gary Corbin

Thriller | Police Procedural
Audiences 16+
Length: approx. 150 pages
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Valorie Dawes fights an international kidnapping syndicate on behalf of a new college friend–and harbors serious doubts about her future as a police officer.

At a young age, Valorie Dawes vowed to avenge the death of her uncle, a policeman killed in the line of duty, by following in his footsteps. During her first month at college, the mysterious disappearance of a close friend’s child drags her into the role of crimefighter much earlier than planned.

But Val’s initial attempts to help lead to mistrust and recrimination. Self-doubts escalate, not only about Val’s future as a cop, but over her ability to make and sustain the trust of a friend.

Anxious to prove herself worthy on both counts, Val puts her own life on the line–and discovers that the kidnappers will stop at nothing to get rid of obstacles like her.

Available March 2, 2020 in paperback and all ebook formats. Large print paperback also available.


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