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Gary Corbin is an award-winning playwright with over a dozen productions of his full-length, one-act, and ten-minute plays in the Portland area. Productions include include “Happy Anniversary” at Serendipity Players, “PS, I Love Your Daughter” at North End Players and CoHo Theater in Portland, “Mama vs. The Mob” at Magenta Theater and “Murder at the Barracks” at Ft. Vancouver, WA, as well as Fertile Ground productions of “Family Hardware,” “KleptoFamilia,” and “The Exes,” among others.

In addition to his own scripts, Gary writes, ghost-writes, and edits scripts. He specializes in tight, realistic dialogue involving sharply drawn, interesting characters in complex relationships.

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Dinner theatre scripts in Gary’s library include:

Mama vs. The Mob

Mama vs. The Mob by Gary Corbin

Dinner Theater. Chicago, 1927. Al Caponi knows someone is trying to take over his mob operation. But who? It turns out, almost everyone—especially all of the women in his life.

“Mama Vs. The Mob” earned three awards in the Special Events category at Magenta’s January 2011 “Artistic Director Awards” – Best Actor, Best Actress, and best Overall Event. Congratulations to the cast and crew and especially director Bonnie Littleton!

Length: Dinner Theatre, 45 pages

Cast size: 8 (3 Men, 5 Women, 0 Other/Any)

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Murder at the Barracks

Murder at the Barracks by Gary Corbin

A foiled raid on the Fort Vancouver armory during the Civil War threatens to expose the nefarious plots, schemes and affairs of officers, soldiers, wives and townsfolk alike in this comical dinner theater production inspired by actual historical events at the Ft. Vancouver Historic Site.

The surprise murder of a well-informed prisoner captured during the raid forces an investigation into the secret plans and subterranean plots – and sends accusations (among other things) flying.

Length: Dinner Theatre, 56 pages

Cast size: 12 (6 Men, 6 Women, 1 Other/Any)

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