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Featured finalist, Literary Lightbox "Indie Spotlight," February 2017

Lying in Judgment
Featured finalist
Literary Lightbox “Indie Spotlight”
February 2017

Mama vs. The Mob

“Mama vs. The Mob”
“Best Special Production”
Magenta Theatre’s
Artistic Director’s Awards
January, 2011

Lying in Judgment Bookworks.com's "Book of the Week" July 11-17, 2016

Lying in Judgment Bookworks.com’s “Book of the Week” July 11-17, 2016

The Mountain Man's Dog

The Mountain Man’s Dog
“Best Reads for Fall”
Pople’s #Bookreviews

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9 Harrowing Thrillers with a Twist of Family Drama

The Mountain Man’s Badge has been included in a recently published wiki: Harrowing Thrillers with a Twist of Family Drama.

From the Wiki site:

“A great thriller is full of heightened emotions and high stakes. And there’s nothing like complicated family relationships to bring these elements to a whole new level. Not being able to trust a friend or colleague is one thing, but when you doubt the motivations of your own flesh and blood, it can be impossible to trust anyone at all. These nine family-driven thrillers will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.”


Lying in Judgment is a very unique book and the plot is really original. … I really loved how the author, Gary Corbin, started the book off with action happening right away. … It’s also fast-paced and has shorter chapters, making the book hard to put down. Corbin does a fantastic job of really depicting how Peter’s guilt is eating away at him and you will often squirm with Peter during the tense scenes. It also appeared to me, the court room scenes seemed accurate and realistic as far as dialogue and court proceedings go. There are many twists and turns and the ending may very well be the best part of the whole book. Lying in Judgment in a must-read, you will not regret it!

Christie Jok, Christie Writes Reviews

Lying in Judgment reads at a fast pace—a good thing since I was anxious to see what would happen next. The trial was well done and descriptive. When court was not in session it was equally suspenseful… Unexpected witnesses, A contentious mix of jurors. Lying, from within the courtroom and out. “Cheating and deception” (words Peter himself uses) in every corner. All combine into a very entertaining suspense…I’ll be reading more written by Mr. Corbin.”

Mystery Suspense Reviews

The Mountain Man’s Badge packs a real punch as the third book in this spectacular series…There are some unique twists and turns in this book that I didn’t see coming. These books tend to make me examine every little comment and try to come up with the ending. Overall, this series is an A+ by my standards. It has everything I want in it – real drama, character development, some action, and a dash of politics. Five out of five stars!”

Briar’s Reviews

“I really enjoyed The Mountain Man’s Badge; it’s an engaging and well-crafted crime mystery with a likeable protagonist and which tackles that universal theme of the good guy fighting largely single-handed against the bad guys.”

– Cathy Johnson, What Cathy Read Next

Goodreads reviews

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News Coverage



Lacamas Magazine Author Interview

Camas Author Releases 3rd Book in “Mountain Man” Series,” Lacamas Magazine (Video)

Lacamas Magazine: Mountain Man’s Badge Released

“Camas Author to Sign His Latest Book”, The Columbian, February, 2017

Spotlight: Corbin Releases New Novel,” Lacamas Magazine (Video)

The Columbian: “Camas Playwright Corbin’s First Novel a Legal Thriller”, The Columbian, March, 2016

“Lying in Judgment Author Announces Book Signing”, Lacamas Magazine, March 2016

“Lying in Judgment A Unique Legal Thriller”, Lacamas Magazine, March 2016


“Family Hardware” and “Daisy Dukes Shorts Night” coverage: “Clark County thespians find Fertile Ground in Portland festival,” The Columbian, January, 2016


“This is a witty, fast paced script, grounded very much in Realism, about a family’s attempt at reconciliation and growth. … a sharp, well-crafted comedy with some touching dramatic elements and some compellingly original aspects of story and character. …[The] well rounded depth of [Rod’s] character is something the playwright should be commended for.”

– Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest (semi-finalist)

“Mama vs. The Mob” coverage: “Magenta Theater to present murder mystery dinner show – Audience plays a role in production”, The Columbian, November, 2010

“Mama Vs. The Mob” earned three awards in the Special Events category at Magenta’s January 2011 “Artistic Director Awards” – Best Actor, Best Actress, and best Overall Event.

“Murder at the Barracks”

“A suspenseful evening of entertainment.” – SW Washington Stage & Theater Arts Review.

“PS, I Love Your Daughter”: “Love Story Kicks Off CoHo Summer,” Richard Wattenberg, June 2010.

“Refreshing… plenty of laughs… Corbin has a good ear for one-liners… sharply defined characters… [It] might warm your heart.”
– The Oregonian

For “The Exes:”

“Fun! We knew something that the characters didn’t know, and their witty-but-believable quips only deepened the embarrassment that we, the audience, gigglingly sensed was in store for them when they finally put it all together.”

– A. L. Adams, Oregon Artswatch, Jan. 30, 2013

“…[A] clear story/plot told with skill and talent… The people are sympathetic, witty and amusing. It is a comedy of manners set in modern times… funny, and moving.”

– Vin Lewis, Helen-Jean playwriting contest, September 15, 2015


The Odd Couple, February, 2016:

In The Reflector: “‘The Odd Couple’ kicks off Love Street Playhouse 2016 season”

In The Columbian: “Our top 5 picks for entertainment this weekend: ‘Odd Couple,’ chocolate, light event”

For “The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa,” 2009, in The Portland Mercury:

“Gary Corbin’s cameo as a police officer makes the humor in this 45-year-old play seem fresh.”

– Allison Hallet, Portland Mercury