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De-Flame Your Life Cookbook by Nancy BarnettGary loves to help writers get their work published. Having self-published several of his own novels and a writing guide, he has also advised others successfully down the publishing path, such as Nancy Barnett.

Self-publishing is a confusing, quickly-changing, and rapidly-expanding world. As with any new industry, it can be tough to sort out the helpful and reputable vendors from those trying to fleece you. I know–I’ve been there!

Depending on your needs, Gary can help you:

  • Edit your work, or find an editor appropriate for your needs;
  • Develop a publishing strategy appropriate to your needs;
  • Format your document for eBook or print publication;
  • Find a cover artist;
  • Format your manuscript to make it publication-ready for any self-publishing platform (including Kindle and ePub);
  • Walk through the process of creating your editor profile(s) and account(s) with your selected vendor(s), uploading, proofing, and debugging your manuscript;
  • Develop a marketing plan to help you sell your book.

Want to know more? Contact Gary for a free consultation.

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