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Every attempt is made to keep our rates competitive in the marketplace with respect to the services rendered. See the table below for the full details on our rates and call us to discuss which method would be the best fit for your project.

Our competitive rates pack even more value when you consider the quality and speed with which we complete our work.


Service Area Description/Examples


Articles for publication Fixed-length articles for general consumption/publication.

Rates depend upon length:

Under 500 words


500—1,200 words


1,200—2,000 words


2,000 to 2,500 words


Over 2,500 words


Copy Writing Research & produce well-organized raw copy from scratch with correct grammar, spelling, and syntax. Basic document formatting.

2¢/word, rounded to nearest 25 words (ca. $200 for 1000 words/4 pages)

Editing Proofreading: Spelling, syntax, grammar

1¢/word (ca. $2.50/pg)

Line edits: Proofreading plus editing for readability, sentence structure, word choice, etc.

2¢/word (ca. $5.00/pg)

Manuscript doctoring – high-level edits focused on flow, organization, document strategy, message. No line edits.

1¢/word (ca. $2.50/pg)

 Scripts One-act

$25/performance, min $100

Full length

$50/performance, min $200

Custom script development or editing

Call for rates