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Few organizations can keep technical writing staff on board year-round, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need technical documents written for your business. We can help you translate your policies and systems into clear, understandable, user-friendly manuals for your employees and customers and free you from pulling your staff from their key business functions.

Here are some examples of our work for others:

  • Analysis of existing and potential revenue sources for state and local transportation system improvements
  • Computer system user and technical documentation for dozens of IT systems since 1985
  • Draft By-Laws for a proposed Portland Transportation Board
  • HR Policies and Employee Handbook for a local utility
  • Strategic Plans for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, City of Keizer Department of Public Works, City of Portland Bureau of Information Technology, City of Portland Office of Transportation, Portland Community College
  • Oregon Department of Transportation Road User Fee Program – 2007 Report to the Legislature
  • City of Portland Office of Transportation 2004 Annual Report
  • US National Response Center Business Plan