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The Mountain Man's Dog, by Gary Corbin

The Mountain Man’s Dog available now on Amazon, Smashwords, and at your favorite retailers
Genre: Mystery/Thriller, 264 pages
ISBN: 978-0997496710
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

In the small town of Clarkesville, in the heart of the Oregon Cascade Mountains, a humble forester stumbles into the complex world of crooked cops and power-hungry politicians…all because he rescues a stray, injured dog on the highway.

Lehigh Carter never really meant to adopt the dog. But his ex-fiancée, Stacy McBride, convinces him to do it, with a promise to help. Their rekindled romance angers her father, state Senator George McBride, who sees her backwoods suitor as a blemish on his carefully created political image. It also sets off a chain of events that entangle Lehigh in a life-or-death conflict with the senator’s hardnosed campaign treasurer, Paul van Paten, who had his own plans for Stacy’s future.

Selected as one of Pople’s Book Reviews Best Reads for Fall 2017, The Mountain Man’s Dog, Book One of The Mountain Man Mysteries series, is a briskly told crime thriller loaded with equal parts suspense, romance, and light-hearted humor, pitting honor and loyalty against ruthless ambition and runaway greed in a town too small for anyone to get away with anything.

Now available:

The Mountain Man’s Bride (Book Two) – Lehigh fights to clear first his own name, then that of his fiancée, Stacy McBride, as they are accused of murdering the deputy who once made their lives miserable.

The Mountain Man’s Badge (Book Three) – Lehigh never wanted to be sheriff. And he sure never wanted to arrest his new father-in-law for murder.

The Mountain Man Mysteries combine the adventure and grit of a thriller, the suspense of a mystery, and the humor of a romantic dog cozy to delight and enchant all readers who enjoy a well-written story.

Ebooks now available at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com for only $3.99. Print books are available on Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com, and in area bookstores.

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The Mountain Man’s Dog is coming out on audio! Unabridged and narrated by the author, The Mountain Man’s Dog will be available on all major audio outlets, including Audible, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, downpour, and Audiobooks.com.

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“The Mountain Man’s Dog kept me on the edge of my seat as I was plunged into the story. But don’t worry, I didn’t drown as Gary Corbin paced the excitement and gave the reader room to breathe. I never wanted to stop turning the pages! If you love thrillers and romance and dogs, you’ll love this book!
– A. Carlie, Portland Author
Definitely a book worth reading. I felt that the author kept my interest and since I love animals and have rescued my share since I live on a little backyard farm it was a hit. Lehigh Carter ends up adopted a dog to please his ex-girlfriend. The whole situation brings the two back into rekindling old feelings but not everyone is happy about it. Stacey is the daughter of a Senator and things start to get a little bit out of hand as ambition drives Lehigh into a life or death situation. A great story and I am looking forward to reading more by this author.
– Ruth Pople, Pople’s Backyard Farms, Best Reads for Fall 2017
A fantastic mixture of action, romance, mystery, and a dash of politics! The fast paced momentum of this book will keep you hooked at every turn…I would highly recommend this book – it’s fun and kept me interested. If you like mysteries, thrillers, and a story with a little bit of romance, then this book is for you!
 The Mountain Man's Dog

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